02 September 2012


"Made in Italy" represents quality which has been essential to the Luxottica Group,
a leader in luxury and sports eyewear.

Luxottica has approximately 7100 optical and retail stores in the Asia Pacific, China, Europe, Latin America, North America and South Africa. In addition Luxottica Group also has a strong, balanced corporate brand portfolio.

Global quality assumes a strategic marketing plan. This principle applies to each process involved in creating Luxottica eyewear.

Continual improvement of eyewear and production processes is a challenging drive to professionals. First, develop personnel with merchandise expertise, then use experts to create a core quality system.

In the 21st century focus on quality is a system in itself, This quality control system extends throughout the organization; quality is applied to an analysis of processes, the distribution network, procurement, product development and standard quantitative performance management in manufacturing facilities.

Fashion Eyewear is a globally competitive market for the wholesale suppliers and retail customers.

The primary objective at Luxottica is to continually improve quality control at each phase of distribution and production.

Luxottica undertakes a full vertical integration at each phase of production. Specially designed manufacturing equipment under strict quality control responds quicker to customer  demands. Quality control teams inspect semi-finished eyeglasses during the production phases

Prototypes in the design phase are verified by the quality control teams in order to control the standards within the scope of eyewear in the production phase. The quality control teams check for resistance to wear and tear as well as review the functionality of optical properties.

The goal at Luxottica is to manufacture eyeglasses, luxury and sports eyewear to the highest level of quality.

The manufacturing materials and processes used by primary suppliers are certified and controlled  through continuous verification of expertise and precision in every phase of production.

In winter it is important to protect your eyes. In fact cold, dust, sun and snow glare may damage the health of your eyes.

Wearing quality sunglasses is the best protections against potential harmful eye diseases.

Luxottica Global Quality

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