01 July 2011

Luxottica Global Quality

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The "Made in Italy" feature of Luxottica products represents the "culture of quality" that has been central to the whole organization.

Only recently has quality taken on a wider meaning, becoming global quality and assuming a highly strategic role. It is the underlying principle applied in every process involved in creating eyewear and is the drive behind the continual improvement of products and processes. The objective is to develop people from product experts to system experts.

The focus on quality has become a system in itself, and the system covers the entire organization: quality is applied to product development, procurement, distribution network, analysis of processes and uniform and measurable performance management in the plants.

In a market as competitive and global as eyewear the satisfaction of wholesale clients and retail consumers is without doubt a primary indispensable objective.

At Luxottica, achieving this means continually improving quality in every phase of the production process and also distribution. This has been the reason for undertaking the full vertical integration of every phase of production.

Most of the manufacturing equipment used is specially designed and adapted for the manufacturing processes. This helps respond more quickly to customer demand and adhere to strict quality-control standards.

Quality and process control teams regularly inspect semi-finished products during the various phases of production, verifying the feasibility of prototypes in the design phase, controlling standards across the spectrum of products in the production phase, and subsequently checking for resistance to wear and tear and reviewing optical properties in relation to type of use.

The manufacturing processes and materials used by primary suppliers are also controlled and certified.

Through ongoing verification of precision and expertise in all phases of production, Luxottica seeks to manufacture a product of the highest level of quality.

Luxottica Eyewear Quality

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