14 February 2010

Persol Eyewear

World celebrities have made the Persol label synonymous with eyewear excellence. Why have Persol eyewear been the choice for film stars and other international personalities?

Founded in 1917 and the developer of the first flexible stem, Persol is a major influence on the sunglass industry. Persol was designed to satisfy the demands of pilots and sports drivers who required protection and optimum vision. The eyewear was even adopted by the armed forces and pilots in the Italian Air Force because of their technical advances.

I bought a pair of Persol Sunglasses a few years ago and I soon realized that I want nothing but Persol.   Persol  has defined Italian design beyond the realms of eyewear. Persol sunglasses do more than just enhance your image, they protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Persol Sunglasses are a superb fantastic fusion of function and style.

Persol Eyewear

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Seema Syed said...

Persol glares are one of my favs. This summer planning to get hold of one. The one in the first picture looks great thou.

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