19 March 2008

The Vision Council of America

The Vision Council of America (VCA) is the leading organization dedicated to educating Americans on the importance of preventive vision care, ensuring patients receive the highest quality in medical care through their premier continuing education program and advocating for policies that improves access to care and standards for vision care products.

The website included an interesting Eye-Q Trivia Test which may surprise you! Some of the questions on eyes are listed here:

What is the medical professional called who performs eye surgery and treats diseases? 
A. Optician B. Optometrist C. Ophthalmologist

Which of the following materials are not used in lens prodution?
A. Plastic wrap B. Plastic C. Glass

According to the American Foundation for the Blind, how many Americans had low or impaired vision in 2001?
A. 11 million B. 9 million C. 7 million

How far can elephants see?
A. 10 yards B. 100 yards C. 1000 yards

Which of the following is considered "flirting"?
A. Playing with or twirling your glasses B. Putting your glasses on top of your head C. Putting your glasses on the tip of your nose

How long does a blink of an eye last?
A. A Tenth of a second B. One second C. Ten seconds

What is a cataract?
A. When you get an eyelash in your eye B. A cloudy area in the eye's lens C. A twitch caused by blinking too much

What purpose does having an anti-reflecting coating on your glasses serve?
A. None other than making a fashion statement B. Increases reflection C. Reduces reflection

Which of these foods can help improve eyesight?
A. Carrots B. Cheddar Cheese C. Chocolate

How many times a minute does the average person blink?
A. 5 B. 12 C. 22

How many yards away can an eagle see?
A. 1000 yards B. 100 yards C. 10 yards

What is the best way to help a black eye?
A. Put a steak on it B. Put an ice pack on it C. Do nothing

Lenses that turn into sunglasses in sunlight are called what?
A. Progressive lenses B. Photochromic lenses C. Sun catchers 

What purpose, other than sight, do a frog's eyes serve?
A. Help them smell predators B. Help them push food down their throats C. Help them pick a princess to kiss

Do you want to know if you were able to correctly answer the questions? Be sure to visit The Vision Council of America online and try the Eye-Q Trivia Test. We wouldn't want to take away your pleasure in learning more about protecting your eyes. Most of the answers will surprise you.

Vision Council of America

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