09 February 2008

Ore e Ore di Riprese

Davidonzo Originally uploaded by Robie06's Life

Once you have learned to see naturally through your own lens, life is a photo opt of lasting beauty no matter which angle you choose. Up, down, top, sides and even bottom views are captured by any professional instrument of your preference. Creatively tweak, fiddle and choose with your minolta, nikon or even sony. Ore e ore di riprese are compensated with adaptable eyes: eyes trained to take advantage of light, sound and la furia del momento. i signori pirati.

Ore e ore di riprese
Originally uploaded by Robie06's Life

Essentially one simply holds the camera engaged with a passion for finding that certain beauty burning before you. All of an instant SHUT-TER_SHUT-TER! SNAP E SNAP! You have recorded what would never be possibe to see ever again: an instant, much less than hours and hours, of wildlife you found right there in front before you.

Learn as well I-GUYS to protect your eyes with fashion eyewear to ensure a long life surrounded by your own beauty. Behold. You can be a fashionable artistic photojournalist dressed in mode de rigeur when you learn to protect your eyes with Giarre a leader in fashion and luxury Eyewear.  

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Ore e Ore di Riprese


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